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“It’s just great family fun!”- Josh Adamson on Panto


1. Who have been some of your favorite people to work with?

Ben Vereen, when we did Aladdin together here at The Playhouse a couple years ago. I played Abanazar, the villain & Ben would sit on the side of the stage during “The Villain’s Lair” scene and laugh out loud (sometimes louder than the audience) & his laugh brought me such joy

Another favorite of mine is an actress by the name of Magda Szubanski who was one of my childhood idols. I was down in Australia– working with Bonnie– and Magda and I got to do Snow White together and hit it off. I always I see her every year I go down.

2. Whats your least favorite kind of coffee drink?

Would have to be anything mocha, because why spoil the coffee?

3. What brings you to continue to perform in Lythgoe Family Pantos?

The fact that it has always been a great family working environment. This would be my fifth show I’ve done with them, and its always such a joy having kids come for the first time to see a stage show.

4. Whats one of your most memorable travel experiences?

Actually, just recently, it was Edinburgh, Scotland. It reminds me of one of my other favorite countries—Italy (I’d live in a heartbeat) – both are saturated with their own rich history and ruins and Edinburgh is a city that, at every turn, is visually breathtaking.

 5. How do you plan to embrace the role of Ugly Stepsister? Do you have any inspirations?

A touch of Carol Burnett from Annie, with a sprinkle of Cruella de Vil helps with my ugly sister transformation!

6. Why should people come to see A Cinderella Christmas?

I always describe a Panto like a Pixar movie, but on stage. So it’s great for kids, but there’s also so much adult humor in there as well. My favorite part with the Pantos is the fact that parents get even more joy by watching the kids watching the show. It’s just great family fun!

Kidspace Children’s Museum: A Cinderella Visit

Remaining Cast Announced for Lythgoe Family Panto’s A CINDERELLA CHRISTMAS!










  DECEMBER 8, 2016 JANUARY 8, 2017


Five Halloween Pumpkin Carriages Cinderella Would Be Proud Of!

Happy Halloween!

Getting ready for your own Halloween Ball?

Can’t wait for Lythgoe Family Panto’s A CINDERELLA CHRISTMAS this December?

Get inspired  by  these Cinderella Halloween Pumpkin Carriages!

5. Pumpkin Carriage Fields Forever – This Cinderella Pumpkin Carriage is equipped with a dreamy field of mini-pumpkins so cute – we can hardly handle it!

 cinderella-carriage-pumpkin-painted-pumpkin-decoration-from-mom4real-com_Design courtesy of

4. Color Me Cindy - This carriage is full of all the color, glam, and bedazzled goodness Cinderella would want when rolling up to her Halloween Ball.








 Design courtesy of

3. Cinderella Chic - Inspired by the below Hallmark ad, pumpkin connoisseur (and mighty mom!) Project: Mommie puts a gold spin on this pumpkin carriage classic.

Photo courtesy of Hallmark Magazine





Design courtesy of ProjectMommie.Blogspot,com

2. The Vintage Twist – This vintage take on Cinderella’s Carriage is perfect for those feeling the Christmas spirit in October & November.







 Design courtesy of


1. The Classic Low-Rider – Admist the wonders of Autumn lies this beautious, classic pumpkin carriage that will make anyone feel like royalty!







 Design courtesy of


The Pasadena Playhouse Presents

Lythgoe Family Panto’s 


December 8 – January 8, 2017



Behind the Scenes: Set Background Progress

Behind-The-Scenes: A CINDERELLA CHRISTMAS Photoshoot with Photographer F. Scott Schafer



Dia De Los Muertos Celebration on El Molino Ave. this Saturday!


Sugar Skulls, Folklorico Dancers, and Art – Oh My!

This Saturday, Oct. 22,  El Molino Avenue will transform into a festive Dia De Los Muertos evening of fun that’s both free and family-friendly! After spending the morning at The Friends of The Pasadena Playhouse Craft Bazaar from 8 a.m. – 3 p.m., join us all along El Molino Ave. – around the courtyard, in our Carrie Hamilton Theatre, and in Playhouse Plaza – to celebrate Dia De Los Muertos!

In partnership with our neighbors at Zona Rosa Caffe, we are honored and thrilled to host the 22nd Annual Dia De Los Muertos Art Exhibition and Celebration. Live Music, a Calavera Art Exhibit, Folklorico Dancers, and Puppet shows will fill the Avenue from 3 – 10 p.m.!

SEE BELOW for a list of must-see events and activities:

-Folklorico Dancers will perform at Playhouse Plaza

-Pasadena City College Graphic students will offer Calavera screen printing

-Bob Baker Marionettes will perform in the Carrie Hamilton Theatre at The Pasadena Playhouse, located up the stairs from our Courtyard

-Candle-Makers from L.A.’s iconic Olvera Street will be sharing their traditional craft

-Peruse the Day of The Dead Altars that will be built on The Playhouse’s Engemann Courtyard

-Indulge in coffee and delicious eats from Zona Rosa Coffee, TLT Foods and redwhite+bluezz.


99th Rose Queen Announcement & Coronation Ceremony Comes to The Playhouse this Thursday!


2017 Royal Court

A Queen will be crowned this Thursday, October 20 on The Playhouse Mainstage as the seven members of the 2017 Royal Court will make their final presentations before a live audience and a panel of judges. Members of the Royal Court will receive the prestigious opportunity to reign over the Annual Rose Parade and Rose Bowl Game, as well as take on civic responsibilities, participating in over 100 public and media events throughout the course of the year.

Around 1,000 Royal Court hopefuls from various Pasadena-area schools interviewed for the opportunity to be selected as the Rose Queen. Now, Finalists and Rose Court Princesses Audrey Mariam Cameron, Victoria Cecilia Castellanos, Maya Kawaguchi Khan, Shannon Tracy Larsuel, Autumn Marie Lundy, Natalie Rose Petrosian, and Lauren Emiko Powers will walk the red carpet  for the Announcement and Coronation of the 99th Rose Queen and Presentation of the Royal Court.

General Admission tickets are still available. CLICK HERE TO PURCHASE TICKETS>>

The Rose Queen and Royal Court has been a longstanding Pasadena tradition since 1905. This year marks the 99th Rose Queen!

SEE BELOW for more Fun Facts about The Tournament of Roses:

Did you know… 

-Inspired by best-selling book Ben-Hur, the first chariot races were staged at Tournament Park in 1904. These Chariot races continued until 1915, when the wildly popular event became too expensive and far too dangerous to produce.

-1929: Isabella Coleman invents the innovative float decorating technique of gluing flowers on floats for the very first time.

-In 1939, The Rose Parade celebrated its 50th anniversary. Grand Marshal Shirley Temple, the youngest GM in history, presided over the parade.

-Richard and Pat Nixon enjoyed their first date at the Duke vs. USC Rose Bowl Game in 1939.

-The Rose Bowl Game became the first to be broadcast nationally in color in 1962.

-Prolific Composer/Conductor John Williams lead the parade as Grand Marshal, celebrating the universal language of music with the theme Music Music Music.

Want more Fun Facts on the Tournament of Roses CLICK HERE>>




Meet THE FANTASTICKS Cast Member, Philip Anthony-Rodriguez!


1. How has your experience been at The Playhouse so far? 

It’s been absolutely spectacular! I’ve always wanted to perform at The Pasadena Playhouse. I get to play a dream role in a timeless and classic show like The Fantasticks. It’s also a legendary theatre with an extraordinary track record of putting out top-notch theatre and talent. I think in addition to being blessed with such wonderful cast-mates, a stellar production and creative staff, I can’t ignore the beautiful individuals behind the scenes. There is a love and passion one feels the minute they step through the doors. From the company management, to The Friends of The Playhouse and the administrative staff. I’ve been made to feel right at home from the start.

2. What are the pros and cons of stage acting compared to voice acting and film/TV acting?

Well, my origins are in theatre and musical theatre. From summer stock to Broadway. So for me, it’s kind of like riding a bike in some respect. I think I’ll always have a “first love” sentiment toward theatre. It was where I found my love and passion for acting. And I’m reminded of why I adore it so much nightly with The Fantasticks. Theatre is LIVE, which makes it alive and visceral for an audience. There’s a special connection that occurs between an actor, his fellow actors and the audience with live theatre that you may not always see with TV and film projects. Actors “feed” off the energy of the audience just as much as the audience feeds off the emotion and storytelling of the actors. That’s the unique connection that makes theatre so inspiring, entertaining and heartfelt. That said, I LOVE being in front of a camera as well. That connection tends to reveal itself through the actor’s eyes. And TV and film can be extremely powerful in conveying its stories though an actor’s eyes.

3. We found out you consider yourself a cinephile. What is your favorite film? 

Well, if I MUST pick ONE favorite, I’d have to say Star Wars. It’s a film I can never get tired of watching over and over again and I always manage to find something magical and unique about it. Yep, I’m a certified Star Wars nerd, haha!

4. What is your go-to cooking recipe? 

Oh, I’d have to say I make a pretty mean Grilled Miso Salmon with garlic mashed potatoes. My wife and daughter tend to “light up” when I suggest it for dinner. Knowing they love and appreciate it makes my heart soar!

5. Why should people come see The Fantasticks

Well, aside from it being a classic American musical, it is a timeless and poignant piece of theatre. It’s universal themes of love, love lost, love regained is something most of us can appreciate and relate to. One can find their own truth and experience with love within its story. Another reason I believe people should come see this particular version of The Fantasticks is because of the unique perspective of our director, Seema Sueko. From the beginning, she wanted us to explore not why we love or what love is but in fact HOW to love. One of the lines in “Try To Remember” states, “Without a hurt, the heart is hollow.” We can take that to mean that our love is tested or even stripped away from us before we can appreciate, experience and enjoy that love again. But we also live in very turbulent times, (not unlike the world of Tom Jones and Harvey Schmidt in the 50s and 60s) in an election year with a very divided country. We turn on the news only to see images and stories of hatred, animosity and divisiveness. I, for one, would not mind “escaping” to the theatre for a couple of hours and witness love…in all its glory.

Meet THE FANTASTICKS Cast Member, Alyse Rockett


1. How has your experience been at The Playhouse so far? 

My experience at The Playhouse has been amazing! I get to play and explore with the most incredible individuals everyday in such a historical and beautiful theatre. It’s a dream.

2. What’s your favorite style of dance? 

I don’t have a favorite particular style of dance. I’m in love with so many. Each style holds something so beautiful.

 3. What’s your favorite play? 

A favorite of mine is A Raisin in the Sun.

 4. What’s your favorite musical? 

West Side Story. It’s timeless and the dancing is absolutely spectacular.

 5. Why should people come to see The Fantasticks at The Pasadena Playhouse? 

The story. A person of any age, ethnicity, or background can come and relate to The Fantasticks. We can all find a common ground inside the theme of this play: love and what love truly is. It’s absolutely amazing.