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14 Tennessee Williams Quotes on Love

Happy Valentine’s Day!



 In lieu of this holiday of love, here are some quotes on love and life from one of America’s most beloved  and poetic playwrights, Tennessee Williams.

 Feel free to share with your loved ones this Valentine’s Day!


  1. “Physical Beauty is passing – a transitory possession – but beauty of the mind, richness of the spirit, tenderness of the heart – I have all these things – aren’t taken away but grow! Increase with the years!” (From Streetcar Named Desire)

  2. “Everybody is nothing until you love them.” (From The Rose Tattoo)

  3. “The name of a person you love is more than language.”  Read the rest of this entry >>

Meet Panto Star, Davi Santos!


1. How has your experience been at The Playhouse?

One of the loveliest theaters to work in– historic, well-kept, and filled with a warm staff and cast. Couldn’t ask for more.

2. What is it like to be a Power Ranger?

A rather surreal experience, a childhood dream come true. It was often a fantasy in the sets and on location in New Zealand. The role, Sir Ivan, a knight from medieval ages required a dialect and the character was a joy to play.

3. We saw you’re a creator for Densely Hollow Films. How did Densely Hollow Films come about and where do you find inspiration for the films?

The company came about after the first film with my cofounder, Christopher James Lopez, premiered at Cannes. We made a second, more expansive film called Densely Hollow, and after that, with the intention to continue, we made the LLC and named it after our second film. The films are rooted both in the high dramas observed in life while appealing to the fantastic elements that can be stranger than fiction. The Cure was a small film in a cafe but asked questions about the soul, life and death. Densely Hollow was filmed on a submarine, and touched upon corporate obstruction on scientific progress on society. Adrift was about the domestic drug epidemic. The Final Act is about a guilt haunted dancer at the Metropolitan Opera House before an opening.

4. What’s your process for screenwriting like?

I work closely with my writing partner, Christopher, with whom a number of notes and conversation rounds are repeated to fine tune the ultimate screenplay.

5. What’s your favorite karate move?

Especially when I used to compete and spar, I loved to throw this faux front turn high round kick, but when someone asks me to show them a move, I spin into a tornado kick which I would otherwise, with very little likelihood, use in any defensive circumstance.

6. Why should people come to see A Cinderella Christmas?

The humor is multidimensional appealing to the humor of kids and adults alike, while the classic plot oscillates with dance and popular music from different periods, rearranged to suit the show and the excellent performers that carry them. Cinderella is a very fun and charmingly over-the-top show.


Meet Panto Star, Ben Giroux!



1. What brings you to continue to perform in Lythgoe Family Pantos?

I love improvising with an audience.  Panto is a perfect blend of traditional theatre with the right amount of improv to satiate my inner stand-up comedian.  This is my third panto with the Lythgoes and The Pasadena Playhouse — it’s always a blast working with people I know and love.  Finally, the Pasadena Playhouse is rich in history and an incredible theatre to work in.  Fun fact: my great aunt was Caroline Jones (Morticia on the Addams Family) — she was discovered at The Pasadena Playhouse.  That makes my life and entertainment career feel very full circle.

2. How was it working with Chevy Chase in the movie, A Christmas in Vermont?

Throughout my career, I’ve had the pleasure of working with many comedy legends. Improvising with Chevy Chase on set was a blast. Fun fact: even though our movie has already been released, Chevy is still memorizing his lines.

3. What have you learned from working with directors like Christopher Guest, David O’Russell, J.K. Simmons and The Farrelly Brothers?

I credit the beginning of my entertainment journey to the Farrelly Brothers. A decade ago they cast me in their FOX pilot and launched my career.  Along the way, I’ve had the pleasure of working with many powerhouse comedy directors.  Collaborating with Christopher Guest on his HBO show “Family Tree” was definitely a highlight.  It was the most improvisational freedom a director has ever given me on set.  Working with directors at the top of their game has taught me to be myself, take risks, and make wild creative choices.

4. We saw you’ve guest starred on shows like “NCIS,” “Bones,” “Psych,” and “House.” Which role was the most challenging?

I’ve been lucky to have an extremely varied and diverse television career.  While my primetime credits have been a blast, I think I’ve most enjoyed my work on Nickelodeon’s “Henry Danger.”  I play the main villain, The Toddler (an evil Man Baby), on the kids superhero show.  Playing such an over-the-top character takes an immense amount of energy and stamina, particularly with a high-pitched character voice.  But it’s incredibly fun.  The entire cast & crew is the greatest group of people I’ve had the pleasure of working with in my career.

5. Which of your original short films or music videos was the most fun to create?

A few years ago I partnered up with indie hip-hop artist Jensen Reed to create a comedic thug rap video about being a short guy.  Dubbed “Little Dude Anthem”, our music video was a viral sensation on Facebook and the craziest thing I’ve ever made.  When you get to rap in a hip-hop video while dressed as a Christmas Elf, it’s a good day at work.  The project even featured a few Lythgoe Panto alums: Tamyra Gray and Morgan Larson.  Jensen and I are currently working on a new music video, “Back to the 90s”, which will debut in 2017.  You can see Little Dude Anthem here:

6. Why should people come to see A Cinderella Christmas?

This show is FUN!  The songs are incredible (seriously, Alex Newell and Lauren Taylor are jaw-droppingly talented), the comedy is cheesy slapstick absurdity, and as always, the improv is ripe — you never know what will happen in a given show.  Plus, I hear those Ugly Stepsisters are, well… ugly.  Panto at the Playhouse has become a wonderful holiday tradition.  I’m thrilled to be back — this is the best show yet!

“It’s just great family fun!”- Josh Adamson on Panto


1. Who have been some of your favorite people to work with?

Ben Vereen, when we did Aladdin together here at The Playhouse a couple years ago. I played Abanazar, the villain & Ben would sit on the side of the stage during “The Villain’s Lair” scene and laugh out loud (sometimes louder than the audience) & his laugh brought me such joy

Another favorite of mine is an actress by the name of Magda Szubanski who was one of my childhood idols. I was down in Australia– working with Bonnie– and Magda and I got to do Snow White together and hit it off. I always I see her every year I go down.

2. Whats your least favorite kind of coffee drink?

Would have to be anything mocha, because why spoil the coffee?

3. What brings you to continue to perform in Lythgoe Family Pantos?

The fact that it has always been a great family working environment. This would be my fifth show I’ve done with them, and its always such a joy having kids come for the first time to see a stage show.

4. Whats one of your most memorable travel experiences?

Actually, just recently, it was Edinburgh, Scotland. It reminds me of one of my other favorite countries—Italy (I’d live in a heartbeat) – both are saturated with their own rich history and ruins and Edinburgh is a city that, at every turn, is visually breathtaking.

 5. How do you plan to embrace the role of Ugly Stepsister? Do you have any inspirations?

A touch of Carol Burnett from Annie, with a sprinkle of Cruella de Vil helps with my ugly sister transformation!

6. Why should people come to see A Cinderella Christmas?

I always describe a Panto like a Pixar movie, but on stage. So it’s great for kids, but there’s also so much adult humor in there as well. My favorite part with the Pantos is the fact that parents get even more joy by watching the kids watching the show. It’s just great family fun!

Kidspace Children’s Museum: A Cinderella Visit

Remaining Cast Announced for Lythgoe Family Panto’s A CINDERELLA CHRISTMAS!










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Five Halloween Pumpkin Carriages Cinderella Would Be Proud Of!

Happy Halloween!

Getting ready for your own Halloween Ball?

Can’t wait for Lythgoe Family Panto’s A CINDERELLA CHRISTMAS this December?

Get inspired  by  these Cinderella Halloween Pumpkin Carriages!

5. Pumpkin Carriage Fields Forever – This Cinderella Pumpkin Carriage is equipped with a dreamy field of mini-pumpkins so cute – we can hardly handle it!

 cinderella-carriage-pumpkin-painted-pumpkin-decoration-from-mom4real-com_Design courtesy of

4. Color Me Cindy - This carriage is full of all the color, glam, and bedazzled goodness Cinderella would want when rolling up to her Halloween Ball.








 Design courtesy of

3. Cinderella Chic - Inspired by the below Hallmark ad, pumpkin connoisseur (and mighty mom!) Project: Mommie puts a gold spin on this pumpkin carriage classic.

Photo courtesy of Hallmark Magazine





Design courtesy of ProjectMommie.Blogspot,com

2. The Vintage Twist – This vintage take on Cinderella’s Carriage is perfect for those feeling the Christmas spirit in October & November.







 Design courtesy of


1. The Classic Low-Rider – Admist the wonders of Autumn lies this beautious, classic pumpkin carriage that will make anyone feel like royalty!







 Design courtesy of


The Pasadena Playhouse Presents

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December 8 – January 8, 2017



Behind the Scenes: Set Background Progress

Behind-The-Scenes: A CINDERELLA CHRISTMAS Photoshoot with Photographer F. Scott Schafer