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Meet Panto Star, Davi Santos!


1. How has your experience been at The Playhouse?

One of the loveliest theaters to work in– historic, well-kept, and filled with a warm staff and cast. Couldn’t ask for more.

2. What is it like to be a Power Ranger?

A rather surreal experience, a childhood dream come true. It was often a fantasy in the sets and on location in New Zealand. The role, Sir Ivan, a knight from medieval ages required a dialect and the character was a joy to play.

3. We saw you’re a creator for Densely Hollow Films. How did Densely Hollow Films come about and where do you find inspiration for the films?

The company came about after the first film with my cofounder, Christopher James Lopez, premiered at Cannes. We made a second, more expansive film called Densely Hollow, and after that, with the intention to continue, we made the LLC and named it after our second film. The films are rooted both in the high dramas observed in life while appealing to the fantastic elements that can be stranger than fiction. The Cure was a small film in a cafe but asked questions about the soul, life and death. Densely Hollow was filmed on a submarine, and touched upon corporate obstruction on scientific progress on society. Adrift was about the domestic drug epidemic. The Final Act is about a guilt haunted dancer at the Metropolitan Opera House before an opening.

4. What’s your process for screenwriting like?

I work closely with my writing partner, Christopher, with whom a number of notes and conversation rounds are repeated to fine tune the ultimate screenplay.

5. What’s your favorite karate move?

Especially when I used to compete and spar, I loved to throw this faux front turn high round kick, but when someone asks me to show them a move, I spin into a tornado kick which I would otherwise, with very little likelihood, use in any defensive circumstance.

6. Why should people come to see A Cinderella Christmas?

The humor is multidimensional appealing to the humor of kids and adults alike, while the classic plot oscillates with dance and popular music from different periods, rearranged to suit the show and the excellent performers that carry them. Cinderella is a very fun and charmingly over-the-top show.

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